Living Room Renovation Progress: Walls, Trim, Electrical & Paint

build out wall progress

Our living room is painted! And I’m so very excited. I cannot believe the difference white paint has made in this room. This is what is looked like before, with the original house paint colours: A month ago we decided to finally take on the living room renovation, which included plans to add an electric… 

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Weekend Reads


We’ve been slowly transitioning into fall this month with new schedules, cozy throws and lovely steaming cups of tea. I’ve been bringing out a little plaid and a few pine cones and enjoying the extra coziness they bring. Here’s a few of my favourite reads from September: Finding My Style On A Budget | My… 

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Shop: Storage + Organization

shop storage + organization

1. Target | $22.99 2. Target | $25.98 3. Wayfair | $39.99 4. Walmart | $12.44 5. Target | $34.99 6. Walmart | $16.98 7. Target | $30.00 8. Walmart | $12.44 I’ve been looking for pretty storage solutions these past few weeks and came across so many that I loved. Living in rural Ontario, sometimes it’s harder to find what… 

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Side Gardens

corner garden

This spring we worked away outside on various projects, one of which was the gardens. Last spring I revamped our front gardens, and this year I wanted to work on the side gardens. The garage side of the house had a garden started, but it needed some taming and we wanted to remove the rock… 

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In The Garden

hydrangeas in front garden

Spring time always pulls me outside and into the garden. We don’t have very many established gardens at our house yet, so I’m enjoying adding to them a bit each year. I’d love to have a garden all the way around our house eventually. Last year I reworked our front garden and this year I’m… 

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