Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Infinity Scarf Tutorial from Our Home Notebook

I adore scarves. They are the perfect cozy layer and make almost any outfit looked more pulled together. Last Friday I was looking for a fun, simple project to play with and decided it would be the perfect time to put together an infinity scarf. It’s one of those easy enough projects that can be done in a nap time, which I find so satisfying, especially after a busy week.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - supplies


  • Fabric for scarf. Try to find something you like with a nice drape. Mine was 60″ x 20″ but for a project like this you could easily change up the size.
  • Tape measure
  • Fabric scissors
  • Fabric pins
  • Coordinating thread
  • Sewing machine
  • A half hour or so of your time

Step 1: Cut your fabric to size. I made mine 60″ x 20″ but you could always modify the size to fit your fabric. Just make sure you try out the length of fabric on yourself first, to see how it will fit. Then fold your fabric in half length wise, putting right sides together on the inside and pin the outside edge.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - cut and pin fabric lengthwise

Step 2: Sew along the outside edge, taking the pins out as you go. Back stitch at the beginning and end to secure your threads.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - sew the length of the scarf

Step 3: Change your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch and go along the same outside edge to finish the seam and help keep your fabric from fraying.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - zig zag to finish edges

Step 4: Now you are going to bring the two ends of your scarf together. First hold up one end of your scarf with one hand and reach down inside your scarf with the other hand. Pull the bottom edge of your scarf up through the inside to the top end.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - pull bottom end of scarf through to the top

The inside fabric should be right sides together.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - right sides together

Step 5: Line up the seams and pin both edges together around the whole circle of fabric. Mark a small opening, mine was about 3″ (either by double pinning on each side of it or with a fabric pen or pencil) to leave unstitched so you can turn it right side out afterwards.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - top and bottom ends together

Step 6: Slide out the extra compartment at the front of your sewing machine if you have one to make it slimmer. Now arrange your circle of pinned fabric over the bottom of the sewing machine, as if you were hemming a pant leg. Start at one edge of your marked opening and sew along, removing the pins as your go until your reach the other side of your opening. Back stitch at the beginning and end to secure your threads. Then zig zag all around the edge of your fabric to finish the edge, starting and stopping at the opening again.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - sew around the circle to connect the top and bottom ends

Step 7: Find the small opening left in your scarf and reach inside and start pulling out the inside loop of fabric through the opening.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - leave a small opening to turn the scarf right side out again

Keeping pulling it through until your scarf is turned right side out.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial - turn the scarf right side out

Step 8: Hand stitch the small opening closed with a ladder stitch. Knot the end, first one way and then the other to secure your stitches and cut your thread. Now it’s ready to wear! Simply loop it a couple of times and voilà! You now have a beautiful scarf that won’t come undone on you throughout the day.

Infinity Scarf Tutorial

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