Jewel Tone Easter Eggs

colourful Easter eggs

With Easter right around the corner, we decided to do a fun little Easter project with the kids. We hard boiled a dozen white eggs and pulled out the watercolour and craft paint and went to town.

painted Easter eggs

Most of these were done by the kiddos (they are super speedy painters!) and Dan and I got in an egg or two. Together we ended up with these pretty jewel toned Easter eggs.

decorating Easter eggs

The watercolour paints made this interesting marbled effect which was a lot of fun to play with. Brendan mixed so many colours together that one of his eggs ended up brown, which makes me smile.

Jewel Tone Easter Eggs

What about you? Any Easter decorating going on at your house? 

For more Easter inspiration, you can check out my seasonal pinterest board for some beautiful Easter prints and decorating.

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  1. says

    Pretty eggs! One time I decided I wanted rainbow coloured icing for my birthday cake. Even though my mom tried to discourage me from mixing all the colours together, I went ahead and had beautiful grey icing for my cake. :)

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