When It’s Hard To Love Your Home

Sometimes, it feels hard to love our home.

Some things are easy to love. Like the view out our front window. Or how open the main living spaces are to each other and all the storage we have in our closets. I love how easy our small space is to clean and I love the memories we get to make here together.

When It's Hard To Love Your Home

But when water comes in the basement and we get a mini flood?

Yeah. That’s not so fun.

Two weeks ago the last of our huge snow fall melted and then the rain came. The water table rose a lot and we ended up with water coming in our basement for almost a week.

At first I was in denial because of course, we aren’t supposed to get water in our basement! Then I went into damage control mode. For the next few days we were cleaning up water and reorganizing the basement to be more water safe.


Most of the basement is unfinished, but the previous owners had started building a room downstairs that we used for our office space so it had our desktop computer along with all our office and craft supplies. Most of the water though was coming in along the back wall and puddling underneath the floor of the room, so we opted to take out the room and relocate all our office stuff.

We moved the computer into our bedroom and made some space in our extra kitchen cupboards for the office supplies. All of my craft supplies went into rubbermaid storage and I sorted and donated anything we didn’t need anymore.

It feels so good to have it all organized and out of harms way and the water clean up was so much easier once we were able to get at the area that had been under the old room.


The water table has gone down now so hopefully¬†we’ll ¬†be okay for the rest of the year. Now we’re trying to figure out what’s best to do to resolve the issue in the long run. We had someone come out to look at it so now we just have to figure what makes the most sense to do.

It’s funny how a week or two changes your perspective so much. I’m now so glad we hadn’t started finishing the basement before now. Our first spring here was perfectly dry down there so we would have never known about this if we hadn’t got such a big snow fall this year. Dan wanted to wait and see what a few springs were like here before we jumped in to finish the space downstairs and he was so right.

So right now I’m hanging onto hope for our sweet little home here. Hope that it will be fixed and so very thankful that at least we’re finding out now before we started finishing the basement.

Have you ever had to deal with water in your home?

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  1. says

    Oh no! I’m sorry that you had to go through that. We’re in a 2nd story condo so we haven’t had to worry about water but I can only imagine that it’s a hassle!

  2. says

    With our sump pump underwater and the furnace not coming on this morning my daughter said can’t we just move? We have had a high number of home issues since my husband is traveling. SO I know what you are talking about. Our damgae is limited though but still a mess to clean up once the water is gone. My son in law will come ot my recue tonihgt. I couldn’t make the pump work but the heat is! Glory! It just came on!! Literally.

    • says

      I’m so sorry, Linda! So glad you have heat now and that your son-in-law was able to come and help. My in-laws came over to help us remove our basement room and just having some support was so wonderful. I hope the clean up wasn’t too bad!

  3. says

    I just stumbled across your blog and wanted to say that I COMPLETELY know how you feel. We finally bought our first house after six years of marriage. At first, we were so in love with our little 3 bedroom, 1 bath ranch. We had a full basement and dreamed of finishing it and adding a playroom, office or even a second bathroom. We knew it had has some water in the past, but the previous owner only disclosed a “trickle” now and then. Unfortunately, we learned our first spring that trickle was more like numerous streams coming in from all four walls. It’s become a regular event now every spring and fall when the heavy rains come. Fortunately, it’s unfinished and there’s good drainage, so we just make sure everything is piled up out of the way from the flow of water and wait for it to subside. Sadly, I’ve started to hate my house. We can’t live in it properly. We can’t sell it. We can’t afford to fix the problem properly. We’re stuck. :(

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