Attic Finds

After our little flood in the basement, we went into spring cleaning mode around the house. And our attic space over the garage finally got some attention.

It’s only accessible by ladder through the attic hatch in the garage, so it rarely gets used, but we wanted to set it up for some outdoor out of season storage to free up some space in the garage.

mason jar lids

It contained quite a few things left by the original owner, who was a single older lady. Most of the items were worn out and not in very good shape, so we recycled a lot of it and took what was left to the dump.

But amid all the broken down things we came across a couple interesting finds that I brought in the house, washed the layers of dirt off of and am now enjoying in our kitchen.


We found a set of beautiful old silver spoons, forks and knives. The designs on the spoons are especially ornate and charming. I love bringing out special silverware for parties and special gatherings so I was so excited to find these! They go lovely with the small set that we already have from my husband’s grandmother.

spoon details

There was also a box of old mason jars with glass lids and tarnished grey rings. One of them is made of pretty blue glass. I use mason jars everywhere so finding some vintage mason jars is lovely. I’m looking forward to filling them with something useful so I can enjoy them often.

old mason jars

It was interesting to see a part of the previous owner’s life as we sorted through the attic. There was variety of old faded fabric, a small fold up pool table and a box of kitchen utensils. There’s something special about having and knowing a little bit more of our house’s story.

Because even amid all it’s imperfections, it’s home. And it’s the beautiful, everyday moments that make it so.

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