DIY Wooden Toy Crate

We’ve been working again in the kids room and adding some much needed toy storage!

kids play wall before

A lot of their toys are in the living room toy closet, but some of their bigger toys find homes elsewhere. Their toy kitchen has been in their room for a while, but the toy dishes and food never seemed to all fit in the kitchen and ended up all over the floor.

So, we decided to make a toy crate on casters that would be big enough to hold all their plastic dishes and toy food and could also be moved to where they are playing and then back again, without too much trouble.

DIY Wooden Toy Crate

Pallet wood seemed like the perfect choice of materials so Dan brought home two big pallets and got just enough wood from them to make two large toy crates.

crate wood

He deconstructed the pallets by cutting with a circular saw along each lengthwise support (which is much easier than trying to break apart and remove the nails from the wood), and then cut and sanded each piece for the crates.

crate construction

inside the crate

He decided to make a simple box using inside corner and bottom support pieces to attach the outside wood planks to. He assembled both ends first, using the nail gun and then attached the side planks the same way.

crate end

He added the bottom planks with screws for extra support since they will be holding the weight of the toys.

 crate built

After that, I had to decide on a finish. I loved the look of the natural pallet wood, but the tone wasn’t working well in the kids room. So I decided to lightly whitewash them, so we could still enjoy the texture of the wood and they would go better with the other elements in the kids room.

white washing crate

I lightly dry brushed my whitewash on, which was just a mixture of 1/2 parts flat white paint and 1/2 parts water. I dipped my paint brush in the whitewash, wiped it off on the side of the container to get rid of any drips and then lightly brushed up and down, then left to right, letting the paint hit the high points in the wood.

white wash

After they were dry Dan screwed some 2″ casters to the bottom and they were done!

finished crate

One was filled with the play kitchen toys and gets stored right beside for easy access. The other one is filled with the kids stuffed animals and is currently in the living room, though it gets moved around a lot depending on where the kids are playing.

play kitchen

I love how they turned out and all the extra storage they provide! It’s so much simpler for the kids to clean up after playing (no matter where it was in the house) and I love that they work equally well in the kids bedroom and our living room. They’re so versatile and I can always seem to use some good storage around here.

Anyone else using crates around their house for storage? How do you store your kid’s toys?

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    This is such a great idea! My husband loves working with pallet wood. We have a lot of projects made from pallet wood, in our house. I’m gonna have to show this to him. These would be great in our sons’ bedrooms!

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